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Guess how many jelly beans are in the jar on the counter, and win the wand of woolderwelder, in Chapter 30 of http://www.northwestervale.com.


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Aigrun and Spike have a difficult choice ahead of them: continue to seek the wand of woodlerwelder, or eat pizza? And should they order peppers? Chapter 30 of www.northwestervale.com is live…

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Those were primitive times, in which men, women, and small household pets did not know of the 107 true gods. They worshipped numerous gods in a completely idolatrous manner. Among their ridiculous gods were the God of Clogged Pores, the God of Twig-Shaped Insects, the God of Forearm Hair…well, you get my point. There were so many gods that the Lord Mayor of Wagralenk recognized that the city was being overrun by temples. To preserve both valuable real estate and property values, he established the Wagralenk Mystical Center. There, all of the people of Northwestervale could gather to worship any god they pleased. They could also play Bingo on Tuesday nights.

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This is starting to take form at http://www.northwestervale.com.

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Here’s a sample of the epic poem, Tell the Tale, which comprises Chapter 28 of Northwestervale.


Way back when

In the early days of Northwestervale’s history

A time that is so shrouded in mystery

That no one knows if what happened was true

So the minstrels invented this tale for you

Dragons roamed free on every plain

Their roars filled the sky

Their phlegm plugged the drains

They ruled the earth as could only creatures

Whose fiery breath and sharp claws

were prominent features

All before them cowered

Except for those who were devoured

For generations it would do no good

To fight against being dragon food

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Chapter 26!

After a short hiatus, Northwestervale is back! In Chapter 26, the author subjects us to the inevitable dream sequence (to be understood only by English Lit majors). www.northwestervale.com.

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Dumbledwarf the elf, Aergun the dwarf and Welyold the firstling, with the help of Effin Freddy, find the guys who can help them hatch the dragon eggs in Chapter 24!

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