Chapter 24 of www.northwestervale.com has been updated, and now includes the most famous of all Dwarfik songs, “Untupelok Aarrrrrchlachterrok” along with a reasonable translation for those of you who don’t speak Dwarfilicious.


Northwestervale Progress

Northwestervale has grown to 24 chapters. Quite a literary accomplishment, considering that this is a great work of astounding artistic significance. Or something. This week I spent some time on the map of Northwestervale. The geography of Northwestervale is confusing, to say the least. However, soon all will be made clear to my loyal readers. Both of them!


New creatures in Northwestervale. Here’s a sample description. “One had the torso of a woman, the abdomen of a man, the legs of a horse (but just the hind legs), the wings of a fly, the tusks of an elephant, and the toupee of a used-car salesman.”


As I write Northwestervale, I am sorely torn. Which adventure do I most want to advance. The dragon eggs has the most peculiar cast of characters:

  • Dumbledwarf, the hyperactive elf.
  • Aergun, the grumpy dwarf
  • Welyold, the tiny and pungent firstling

On the other hand, the adventure of the wands has the possibility of romance between Spike and Aigrun. That is, if Aigrun would only do something about his horrific dandruff.

And of course, the adventure of the wands has the gorgeous Ulayleeloo Ukalayleeloo, who charms all she meets with her beauty, wisdom, and wit.

There’s nothing for it but to plow along in each of the tales, until at some point they all merge into one glorious cacophony.

This week in Northwestervale….

Just when you thought the author had abandoned the quest of the dragon eggs, he brings it screaming back into focus. Read about it in Chapter 22.

This week in Northwestervale….

Ulayleeloo discusses the history of the rings of power. She talks about Xyxywyzy, who created the rings, and reveals the secret of Zyzowyzowazowoo, the only way to track a lost ring of power!

Chapter 20 is complete, more or less. Amazingly enough, we know as little now as we ever did about the rings of power. Maybe we’ll learn more in Chapter 21.